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An offer to settle a case can happen at any time. While it is fair to say that with certain claims the defendant’s side may make an offer before any evidence is obtained, it is also correct to say that we would anticipate an offer to be made, or to make an offer, after disclosing all the relevant evidence.

If the defendant’s side has made an offer, your solicitor will advise you on whether to accept or reject it. It is your decision to make. If liability has been admitted and we have enough evidence to work out how much the claim is worth, we are likely to recommend that you settle your case at this stage. Drogheda Solicitors will advise you appropriately here.

Your solicitor may also advise you to make an offer to the defendant. This could be alongside the disclosure of medical evidence, or to encourage the defendant’s side to negotiate.


Rejecting The Offer

If the defendant’s side has made an offer and your lawyer doesn’t believe it is appropriate, they will advise you to reject it. Broadly speaking, there are two reasons why this will be the case. Firstly, the defendant may have made an offer in advance of all the relevant evidence being gathered on your case, which would mean that your claim cannot be appropriately valued.

Secondly, the defendant’s offer is below what we would anticipate you should receive for your claim.

In either of these instances, your solicitor will advise you on the next steps.

Drogheda Solicitors will be on hand every step on the way to assist with all aspect of negotiation you may need.